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Attorneys in Southern California

Our Preferred Appraiser Program

Corporations have preferred vendors. Why not know that you have an appraisal group you can turn to for fast, indpendent, legally sensitive work? Contact us today, even before you have a case. There's no cost to set us up as your preferred appraisers for litigation, legal testimony, bankruptcy, bail, and divorce appraisals.

It's Easy to Get us Onboard

No Sugar Coating

We provide more information with every appraisal, and we can go farther to give you sufficient info for your legal needs. We do at least 6 comparables, where most appraisers do 3-4, and we include a full spectrum of photos, covering upgrades and deferred maintenance. Plus, a neighborhood profile is included at no extra cost.

Expert Testimony

You can be a good appraiser, but it doesn't make you credible in court, or mean that you carry yourself well in a courtroom. We have that experience. Leslie Noel is an Associate Bar Member in California, and knows the law. Feel free to give Leslie a call to see how she can help.

Every Type of Legal Service

Divorce, Bail, & Bankruptcy Appraisals

Legal, estate and trust, and bail bonds appraisal work takes a special sensitivity and an awareness of the legal basis for ordering the appraisal. Because of our unique legal background, we can provide these services in a truly effective way that your law office will appreciate.

Legal Hard Copy Service

We understand the Bar is a stickler on record keeping, and your office has its own standards. PDFs and electronic files are fine, but we can also ensure you have prompt delivery of hard copy for your case, court presentation, and record keeping. Let us know this is a service you want, when you set us up as the Preferred Appraisal Group for your law firm.