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Los Angeles County

Los Angeles County Treasurer and Tax Collector

This is the website of the Treasurer and Tax Collector of Los Angeles County. The site lists all contact details for the main office, as well as any phone numbers to the offices related to property taxes (secured and unsecured), public finance, investment, public administration, tax default actions, and so on. The website also offers online payment options, a special "Property Tax Portal," payment status tracking, and a public response forum.

The front page is neatly laid out with an up-to-date news section, with the rest of the page dedicated to any additional information pertaining to property taxes, public auctions, public administrations, public finances, and business licensing. Each section of the website has several links which lead to additional useful resources, links, forms, and FAQs for each respective topic.

Los Angeles County

The is the Los Angeles County government website. The main section of the front page is dedicated to emergency alerts, which stays up to date with the latest emergencies (such as fires) across the county. The front page also features local announcements related to air quality, fires, and other events within Los Angeles County; as well as a a Featured Services section which allows visitors to sign up for some helpful services such as:

Alert LA County: An emergency mass notification system to inform county residents of any alerts via phone, sms text message, e-mail, or even VOIP protocol.

LACountyHelps: A free and anonymous way to find out if you or your family is eligible for any of the various free health services offered by the county.

211 LA County: An easy three digit dialing code that provides useful information on over 28,000 health and human services in the area. This service is available all day everyday.

Los Angeles County Economic Development Corporation

The website for the Economic Development Corporation of Los Angeles County has a large amount of resources and information readily available for businesses within the county. The site offers information such as economic reports on the economy and industries, as well as studies, information about doing business within Los Angeles County, business assistance, and consulting. The home page also provides the phone number and email where you can ask for more information regarding business within the county. The "Announcements" section of the homepage displays the latest economic and business-related news for easy viewing, as well as a separate "Newsroom" section for up-to-date news.

The website is also very well laid out and nice to look at, with images of various Los Angeles County commercial areas and landmarks presented as a slideshow.

Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk

The Los Angeles County Registrar/County Clerk website is very easy to navigate. Large buttons adorn the homepage, leading to links related to local election results, registering to vote, voter registration status, mail ballot status, polling place addresses, and campaigning information. The services provided are neatly divided into categories: county clerk operations, voter and election information, recorder operations, general information, and press room and publication information. It is also possible to register to vote, get information on voting by mail, apply to be a polling employee, locate polling locations, and to apply for a marriage license.

The site also features a multilingual voter services, allowing those who are not fluent in English to easy access the website. The languages include Japanese, Korean, Simplified Chinese, Tagalog, Vietnamese, Armenian, Thai, and Russian.

Los Angeles County Assessor's Office

The website for the Los Angeles County Assessor's Office provides a wealth of information on property values, sales data comparisons, maps, and the property assessment process. The site has up-to-date announcements and news, but the real wealth is in the resources the website can direct you to. There are links to information on property taxes, contesting values, homeowner information, important dates, news and legislation, as well as reports and related publications. The website can also be views in Spanish, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Farsi, Armenian, and Tagalog.

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