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Orange County

County of Orange -- Treasurer-Tax Collector's Office

The Treasurer-Tax Collector's website allows you to both review and pay your taxes online. There is a detailed property tax bill search feature, allowing you to search for your tax bill through a variety of means including parcel number (APM), property address, tax lien number, tax collector reference number, tax year, assessment number, and even watercraft registration number or aircraft registration number. The number of variables you are able to search by makes it extremely convenient to pay your taxes online.

The left of the site provides numerous links to useful resources such as tax collections, the treasury, property assessment and tax information, supplemental tax estimation, a tax calendar, property auctions, and numerous downloadable tax forms.

Treasurer -- Orange County California

This is the Treasurer-Tax Collector, Chris W. Street's, website. The homepage features numerous links to useful resources. The Popular Links section lists recent popular links, usually revolving around paying or reviewing taxes, property auctions, supplemental income estimation, and the Treasurer's monthly management report. The Related Links section points visitors in the direction of any other Orange County government bodies and websites focused around the state of California.

County of Orange

This is Orange County's official government website, which features comprehensive information and resources on the county's several departments. The "Latest News" section of the homepage contains up-to-date news within the county, which you can sign up for to receive via e-mail. The homepage also points you in the direction of several resources related to local business, residents, local law, health, emergencies, general information, animal control, birth certificates, business licenses, death certificates, marriage license, housing assistance, and more. The website is so in-depth that it is impossible to go over everything it offers.

Orange County Business Council

The role of the Orange County Business Council (otherwise known as the OCBC) is to promote the local business community and assist in the economic development and prosperty of the county. Their website displays he latest OCBC news and displays upcoming OCBC events. It also hosts numerous links to initiatives taken by the OCBC in order to improve infrastructure, workforce development, workforce housing, and economic development.

The web site also has a section dedicated to the various committees set up by the council such as those for economic development, goverment affairs, healthcare, and infrastructure. It is also possible to check up on government affairs and events, and they also offer a downloadable application form to join the OCBC.

Clerk-Recorder of Orange County California

This is the website of the Clerk-Recorder of Orange County. The home page contains a personal message from Tom Daly and the latest news just below that. An especially feature of the website is the "How Do I?" pull down menu, which can point you in the direction of just about any form-related resource you may need. The "History" feature is also very useful in that it allows you to search through any and all public record archives.

Orange County Assessor

The layout of this web site is very open and user-friendly with large description icons in the middle of the page leading to the main sections of the site, with separate lists of links on the site and a search feature at the top of the page. The site also has information on tax saving programs, information on assessment rolls, requesting assessment rolls, supplement notices, property values, and more. It is also possible to e-file your business property statement (PBS) through the site.

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